#WednesdayWisdom: Protect & Polish Your Silver!

The combination of 3M Tarni-Shield Strips & Connoisseur Polishing Cloth will keep your silver-plated instrument sparkling!

Did you know that today’s Silver is comprised of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals? It’s those other metals, typically copper, that make sterling silver tarnish. The copper reacts to moisture and sulfur in the air, causing the sterling silver tarnish. Silver tarnishes faster in areas with high humidity and air pollution.

By using a combination of 3M Tarni Shield Strips and Connoisseur Polishing Cloths, you can keep you silver-plated instrument sparkling!

Simply place a few strips of 3M Tarni-Shield in your instrument case or bag and let them do their job! They’ll protect your instrument for up to six months depending on exposure to air. They are also safe to use with Nickel, Copper and Brass instruments.

The 3M Tarni-Shield prevent oxidation by absorbing hydrogen sulfides from the air. At MusicMedic, we keep them sealed in plastic bags so that the chemical in the paper doesn’t become inert. They work best in storage or in the closed cases in instruments and jewelry since this limits the new air exchange, which can let in more sulfides for the strip to neutralize.

To polish your instruments, we recommend the Connoisseur Polishing Cloth. It is our favorite precious metal polishing cloth. Some polishing cloths leave noticeable scratches in the silver body of the instrument. This polishing cloth leaves only a very smooth finish. Each cloth has two different surfaces – one for initial polish, and one for finishing. The Connoisseur Polishing Cloth is available for both Silver and Gold polishing.

Before using Connoisseur Polishing Cloth
After using Connoisseur Polishing Cloth

Happy polishing & repairing!