The Assembly Line

With our revolutionary approach to overhauling saxophones, the Sax ProShop is able to produce the highest quality saxophones anywhere. Want to know what happens to your saxophone when it arrives? Let’s take a tour of the Sax ProShop!

Shipping Your Saxophone

We want to ensure your saxophone arrives safely. Through our years of experience, we feel it is best to ship your saxophone without the case and doubled boxed. Read our detailed instructions on packing and shipping here. If you are unable to require the proper materials, can send you a shipping kit. E-mail for more details.

Quoting and Inspection

When your saxophone arrives it is given a thorough visual inspection. What are we looking for? EVERYTHING! Nothing goes unnoticed and any problems with the instrument are noted. The quote will be presented to you in two sections: Non-Optional Upgrades and Optional Upgrades/Modifications. With your approval, the Uberhaul can begin!

Body Work and Modifications


This may be the most crucial station of the Uberhaul. Here the body is straightened, dents removed, posts aligned, and the neck fit. Station one is also where your horn can be ergonomically transformed through our customized modifications. All of the work done at station one creates a blank canvas for all of the beauty to come.

Key Fitting


Everything is straight and true, and all of the modifications are completed; it’s time for your saxophone to visit station two – Key Fitting. Your instrument may spend a good portion of the Uberhaul at this station due to the extreme level of skill required to complete this process. No matter what condition your saxophone arrives in, it will undoubtedly leave the Key Fitting bench far better than when it left the factory. Through all of this correction, we achieve perfection.

Tones Holes and Pad Cups

The job of resurfacing tone holes is one that is treated with great respect, as this job involves removing a small amount of metal from your saxophone. Every tone hole that is worked on is perfectly flat, free of deformities, and perfectly level. Great care is taken in leveling and deburring each tone hole, removing material only as needed. Your old pads are removed, and with a steady hand and keen eye, the pad cups are meticulously leveled.

Cleaning and Polishing


At this point, your saxophone is in serious need of a bath! The body and keys are washed, removing any compounds, oils, and metal shavings left behind from previous stations. Lacquered horns are degreased, cleaned, and dried, and plated or bare brass horns are hand polished. Your saxophone is shining with pride, and ready for its new materials to be applied!



Now that your horn has been mechanically restored and is looking great, it’s time to start applying new materials. At the Sax ProShop, we only use the highest quality, synthetic materials which ensure quick, quiet, and precise results. These materials when combined with superior Key Fitting and Padding, result in a saxophone that is stable and consistent.

Dry Fitting

slideshowstripdry fitting

A process developed in the Sax ProShop, Dry Fitting ensures that every pad cup is precisely aligned and oriented over its given tone hole. This entire process is done ‘dry’ without any pads glued in. Once Dry Fitting work is complete, your new pads and resonators are carefully hand selected and glued in with a specially developed synthetic shellac. The Saxophone stacks are reassembled and it’s time for your horn to move into the Pad Room.



Lights out. Leaklight on. It’s time for your new pads to be leveled. In the Sax ProShop padding has been taken to entirely new…well, level! To achieve true padding greatness, we have created an entirely dark room where even the smallest leaks in the most obscure locations can be detected and removed at any hour of the day.


All of the work performed during the Uberhaul begins to come together once your horn reaches the Set-Up bench. The timing is set and your horn is thoughtfully reassembled, eliminating any clicks and extraneous noises along the way. Now your saxophone is quiet, wonderful, and fully functional once again, but wait…theres more!

Tuning and Toning

Every time an instrument is adjusted, aspects of the instrument’s tone, intonation, and response change. As the instrument is played, tuning problems and tonal issues arise. When your saxophone arrives at Tuning and Toning, it starts fresh. The layers of repairs have been stripped away, giving us the opportunity to set it up as an entirely “new” instrument. Key heights are set with a focus on creating even timbre, intonation, and general playability. Your saxophone is extensively play tested by professional saxophonists in the ProShop, as well as you when you if you choose to come to pick it up!

Cosmetic Refinishing 

Your saxophone only arrives at this Station per your request. The possibilities are endless. Now is the time to make your horn shine. Take a look at our Refinishing Page for more details and previous customer requests.