Customized Modifications

We’re listing some of our most common modifications, but the list is by no means comprehensive. Please inquire if you want something done that isn’t listed; our modifications specialist, can make just about anything!


Key Contacts & Guides

Side Key Contacts (side Bb, C, high E)

G Key Contact

Low C/Eb Contact

Buescher Side Bb Guide

Keilwerth High F# Guide Insert

Guards and Braces

Key Guards and Clothing Guard

Bow Guard

Neck Brace



Adjustment Screws

Front F Mechanism

Convert Hinge Tube to Pivot Screws

Convert Spring Hole to Cradle

Remove Octave Square

Convert Side Key Ball Joints to Forks

Low C# Miniball Mechanism

Teflon Miniball Octave Mechanism

Comfort & Ergonomics

Palm and Side Key Risers

Key Touches

Extended Low Bb Touchpiece

Reshape Key Touches

Modernized/Tabbed G#

3-Ring Strap Ring

Adjustable Right Hand Thumb Hook

SuperSlick Left Hand Table

Selmer-Style Octave Lever

Tone & Intonation

G Quarter Sharp

Clyde the Glide

Mouthpiece Extension

Add Octave Pip on Bari Neck

Low C# Adjustable Arm




Re-Lacquer Key Touches

Pearls and Rollers