Curt is headed to the UK!

We’re excited to be sending Curt off to the UK for a week of clinics, school visits, shop visits and maybe even a trip to Stonehenge, just to check in with the saxophone maker spirit! His first stop will be a clinic for the Annual General Meeting for NAMIR, (National Association of Musical Instrument Repairers) […]

Thoughts about Hurricane Florence

I’m still reflecting on everything that has happened in the past few weeks, and the word that keeps seeming to sum it all up is perseverance.  When the hurricane was still a few days out, everyone had to choose to stay or go.  I believe somewhere between 10-20% of people stayed.  One of the cool […]

Swedging Woodwind Keys 101

What is Swedging? In a world where skills and craftsmanship are all but lost to replacement and disposability, the Music Industry is holding its ground. Instruments needed to perform to a very high level and consistently must be smooth running, well-oiled machines. In woodwind repair, key fitting is literally the pivotal point between greatness and […]

Technician Spotlight: Dominique Morier

Tell us about how you got started, where do you work and how long have you worked there? Well, I got started really early. I was only 17. I was often in Musicstop, my local music store in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I was usually there buying reeds and mouthpieces and saxophones and saxophone related stuff. […]

Technician Spotlight: Tyrone Fredericks Jr.

We first learned about Tyrone Fredericks Jr. from Scott Brodt at Nazareth Music, who praised his young technician for being an outstanding saxophonist and musician, as well as a talented and competent technician. Upon hearing such high praise from his former boss, we had to learn more! After speaking with Tyrone we are excited to […]

The NAMM Show 2018

No doubt, you were very disappointed when you went to NAMM last year. We’ve all heard the stories of techs having to talk to their therapists to get over the absence of MusicMedic.  We took last year off but heard 2017 was a sleeper with hardly any parties and nothing to do. So saddddd. Well, don’t […]

Technician Spotlight: Wil Grizzle

Where do you work and how long have you worked there? I am the owner of Grizzle’s Woodwind Shop, located in Lawrenceville, Georgia. After receiving my Master’s in clarinet performance from the University of Southern Mississippi, I moved to Memphis, Tennessee and worked as a full-time repairman for Amro Music. I studied repair under Robert Scott […]

Technician Spotlight: Travis Thacker

I am co-owner and technician at Carl’s Pro Band in Bloomington, IL.  I began apprenticing in 1997 with my father/business partner Carl Thacker, and have been here ever since!  2017 marks my twentieth year in the trade and at Carl’s Pro Band. What do you specialize in? I personally specialize in high end brass repair […]