#WednesdayWisdom: Fixing Play in Posts With Post Fitting Pliers

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It can be frustrating to get through your bodywork, post aligning, and keywork, only to find that there is noise and slop coming from inside the post.  We created Post Fitting Pliers for exactly this reason, so that adjustments are quick and long lasting, and simple to incorporate during an overhaul.

Fitting your posts after aligning them will save you time later on.  Remove the key and put the rod through the post and check for slop between the rod and the post.

To fit a post, put the flat brass jaw on one side and the rounded side of the opposite post face and squeeze with light pressure.  The rounded end of the plier is the one that is doing the work. It helps to roll the plier lightly back and forth, and to rotate the plier like a door knob with consistent pressure.  You are essentially creating a tiny burr which will then cradle the rod in the true center of the post hole.

Now check rod through post and see how it fits.  If you went a little too far and find that there is friction, turn the rod or use a little force and carefully push past the burr.  It is far better to not go far enough and repeat the previous step than to undo what you have just done, so proceed with light pressure.

When you’re working on a stack, make sure your rod is straight and the posts are aligned.  You may find that once you start fitting posts, that you have slight misalignments once the rod is held true.  Be prepared to make some minor adjustments as you go. Start on the end where the rod enters, but leave the first post for last so that you don’t stop the rod.  Begin with the second post in the stack and proceed in this order: top face, inside face, next post top face, inside face, etc, until you’ve reached the end (leave the post alone where the rod threads in), and then go back and fit the first post. Check each post as you go along, and make slight adjustments to the alignment as necessary.  Once finished, your rod should effortlessly enter the stack and thread in place with no slop and no friction.

A judicious fitting of the posts during keywork will allow you to increase the accuracy and the longevity of your overhaul, and will aid in quiet and lightning fast keywork.  

Happy repairing!