Q: What are my pad and resonator choices?
A:  You can choose either RooPads (white) or Saxgourmet Pads (black), which are both included in the Uberhaul price. We also have a great selection of resonators. Jim Schmidt pads are available for a small extra fee. If you need help selecting a pad/resonator combination, we can help find the one that is right for you.

For our customers with Bueschers that have Snap-In Resos: we highly recommend RooPads floated on a bed of shellac for the best and most stable results.

Q: How Do I Ship My Saxophone?
A:  You can find instructions on how to ship your saxophone here.

Q: Do You Accept Trade-Ins or Buy Instruments?
A:  We are willing to accept some trade-ins to help defray the cost of an Uberhaul. Let us know what you’ve got and we’ll work with you!

We also buy saxophones to Uberhaul and for parts. Instruments we will consider are pro-level modern horns and vintage horns. Sorry, but at this time we are not buying student and intermediate level horns or C-Melody saxophones.

Q: Do You Have Cases for Sale?
A:  We can order almost any case currently being manufactured. We also have a limited amount of used cases in varying conditions available.

Q: Do You Buy Saxophones?
A:  Yes, send us an email.

Please send any inquiries to SaxProShop@MusicMedic.com