The Clean, Oil, and Adjust (COA)

The only thing better than having a saxophone that works as great as a fresh Sax ProShop Uberhaul is having it stay like that, or better, every year from now on. One of, if not the, coolest things about the Uberhauls from the Sax ProShop is that they are maintainable. Once the mechanisms of a saxophone are brought into perfect alignment with all parts parallel and perpendicular and synthetic materials are carefully chosen for their durability and replace-ability, it’s possible to bring an instrument back to an Uberhaul-fresh state every year.

We call this job a COA- Clean Oil and Adjust. COA’s can only effectively be done on instruments that we have overhauled.

We are unique in offering this service because the materials we use at the Sax ProShop are put on the instrument in such a way that they can be very easily duplicated yet stay in adjustment. This means that every year when our players come to us for a COA, they have an instrument that plays the same, to their specifications, and only changes as the player requests. Often over years of working with players, we have altered key mechanisms and made outstanding improvements to instruments. Many of our greatest customizations were developed over years of consideration and were thought by the staff and the player alike.

The Clean, Oil, and Adjust (COA):
Inspect instrument
Tighten keywork (as necessary)
Clean and Polish
Replace all UltraSuede
Replace up to 7 pads (as necessary)
Play Test and Adjust

This is also a time that we can work with the player to fine-tune the mechanics, intonation, and tone of the instrument in our on-going mission to make their saxophone perfect.