2018 Price List

ProShop Uberhaul 

New/Factory Condition: Starting at $1950

Modern Alto/Tenor/Soprano: Starting at $2945
Modern Baritone: Starting at $3900

Vintage Alto/Tenor/Soprano: Starting at $3800
Vintage Baritone: Starting at $4450

Modifications requested during an Uberhaul are charged by the hour.

Rush Uberhaul

Waiting sucks.

You know about our assembly-line approach to saxophone repair, the Uberhaul. Every aspect of the process is completed by a highly trained specialist, and our reputation is spreading worldwide.

We create instruments that play their very best, but perfection takes time. The typical Uberhaul in our shop can take up to three weeks, sometimes more. We carefully schedule our customers to try to allow for a quick turnaround while giving every horn in our shop equal time on each bench.  It’s a balancing act, and sometimes a true art form.

However, we know sometimes you don’t have time to wait, and who cares about the balancing act? You are important and busy, and you need your horn now!

So, we are now offering RUSH Uberhauling of your horn for an additional $610…half the time, same quality. Skip the ever growing line of scheduled horns and get your horn back in only a week and a half, playing at it’s absolute best!

Annual* Clean, Oil, and Adjust (COA)

Alto/Tenor/Soprano: Starting at $450
Baritone: Starting at $550

*Any Clean, Oil, and Adjust (COA) scheduled after one year will need to be quoted in the shop. Generally, the cost will increase $100 per additional year, but it varies based on how often and how aggressively the instrument is played.


Repairs will vary in price depending on the condition of the saxophone and the type of repair that is needed. All repairs will need to be quoted in the Sax ProShop. All repairs will be quoted by the hour.


We charge $55 for quoting and the price is already included with any Uberhaul.