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The Uberhaul

A saxophonist’s life in stages beginning with the purchase of a new horn: On day one, the new horn works well and the saxophonist is happy. From that day on, however, the instrument begins its descent into disrepair. New instruments, by design, are not serviceable or stable. Even the finest saxophones use inferior materials and insufficient glue behind the pads. Because of this, technicians will often use quick fixes to get the instrument playing again, but they often do not solve the root of the problem. Eventually, after many layers of repairs, the saxophone needs an overhaul in order to play well again.

The Sax ProShop was founded with the vision of improving saxophones through innovative and revolutionary repair techniques of the highest quality. We intend to change the paradigm of saxophone repair, thus elevating the saxophone to a new level and changing the lives of saxophonists. To realize this vision we have developed a unique assembly-line approach to saxophone repair. Every aspect of the process is completed by a highly trained specialist. With our work, we create instruments that play their very best and continue to play well for….ever? We call this job an Uberhaul.

For the work we’re doing, we needed a new name because the term “overhaul” doesn’t adequately describe the amount of work that goes into each saxophone. Our Uberhaul strips away the old layers of repair on top or repair and corrects the saxophone at its very foundation. Once the foundation is solid, we carefully realign, remake, and reassemble until every aspect of the instrument is in the state of mechanical perfection.

With the saxophone now more solid and stable than it was when it left the factory brand new, it won’t fall into a state of disrepair.  Through our yearly scheduled maintenance program after an Uberhaul, we check that everything is still properly aligned and correct it if it has gotten bumped or bent, replace pads and materials as needed, and the instrument remains in a state of continual goodness.

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