Sax ProShop Projects


One of the coolest things about the Sax ProShop and the good people that work there is an overwhelming desire to grow and improve. For years, the Sax ProShop has been perfecting the art of overhauling saxophones. We’ve been learning efficiency, better techniques, and making better tools, which have all had the direct result of saxophones that play better for longer. Now the Sax ProShop can take an instrument in any condition (if you don’t believe it, try us!) and turn it into a fabulous, stable, and awesome saxophone that plays in tune.

But we also like to do other things: we want to build a saxophone, we want to make improvements to current saxophones, we want to change the key design, we want to change the body and necks of a saxophone, we want to learn what different materials do to the tone of the saxophone, we want to learn more about intonation… basically we just want to keep learning. So for each element, we start a project and we go about researching and making and changing until we understand the factors and produce a satisfying result. That’s what we do at the Sax ProShop and we invite you to follow along with us.



The Überhorn Project

The NeoBass Project

Adolphe Sax #36 Project

Aristo-Tone Project

Neck Project