The Uberhaul Guarantee

There is no question that all of us at the Sax ProShop in Wilmington, NC take a lot of pride in our work. If there is a problem with something we did, some mistake we made, we will want it fixed just as much or more than you! We want to be the definition of quality. We are proud to offer a 2-year guarantee against flaws in workmanship but we reserve the right fix your saxophone for free many years after the Uberhaul if we find something we missed. Should you find a flaw in our workmanship, please contact us, and we’ll make it right. If we find that the flaw is not our own, we’ll talk to you about it and work on a reasonable solution to the problem. Our goal is to keep you happy and playing and be on your side throughout your musical career. 

Our Uberhaul guarantee and COA is extended to anyone who plays an instrument that was Uberhauled. That includes instruments purchased from us which were Uberhauled.

If you have some damage that you know is not our fault we will, with the same fervor, go about fixing your instrument back to Uberhaul level so you forget all about it and continue to play with joy. Our repair shop is efficient and our rates are reasonable. You can trust us with all of your saxophones. We are your partner, we guarantee it. 

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