The NAMM Show 2018

No doubt, you were very disappointed when you went to NAMM last year. We’ve all heard the stories of techs having to talk to their therapists to get over the absence of MusicMedic.  We took last year off but heard 2017 was a sleeper with hardly any parties and nothing to do. So saddddd. Well, don’t […]


Technician Spotlight: Wil Grizzle

Where do you work and how long have you worked there? I am the owner of Grizzle’s Woodwind Shop, located in Lawrenceville, Georgia. After receiving my Master’s in clarinet performance from the University of Southern Mississippi, I moved to Memphis, Tennessee and worked as a full-time repairman for Amro Music. I studied repair under Robert Scott […]


Technician Spotlight: Travis Thacker

I am co-owner and technician at Carl’s Pro Band in Bloomington, IL.  I began apprenticing in 1997 with my father/business partner Carl Thacker, and have been here ever since!  2017 marks my twentieth year in the trade and at Carl’s Pro Band. What do you specialize in? I personally specialize in high end brass repair […]


Pad Assortments…Why are they so Wonderful?

Do you know why pad assortments are so wonderful? Our brilliant leader, Jeff Massa, decided to add pad assortments after our friend and customer Lee Hirschmann at The Band Shoppe made the recommendation.  It’s a big decision for a band instrument repair shop to switch their brand of pads and the pads assortments make it much easier. After spending some time getting feedback from […]


The MusicMedic Philosophy

Have you noticed how many great new tools are being made at MusicMedic in Wilmington, North Carolina?  At MusicMedic, it is of the utmost importance to be surrounded by independent and thoughtful people.  We want everybody to have a great time with what they’re doing, with resources available to inspire creativity and problem solving. When we hired […]


The Wilmington Alto Update

Thank you for all your interest in the Wilmington Alto! We’ve called and spoken personally with many of the owners of Wilmington Altos, and have appreciated and taken to heart their valuable comments.  From the beginning, we have kept production small to easily implement improvements at the factory several times a year. We also don’t […]

Why stainless steel?

We chose to make this tool from stainless steel.  We know we’re spending our customers’ money, because that means that the tool price is higher.  Stainless steel costs more to buy and more to machine, and it’s harder to machine. So, why do it?   We’re creating more and more tools that we hope will […]

An Uberhaul Update

“Curt – had a recording session last weekend, and thought “should I get my horn tuned up beforehand?” Then it hit me: I have not had ONE single thing done to my horn since 2013. Not one pad adjustment, no key noise to mitigate, NOTHING. And it’s still better than the day I bought it. […]


MusicMedic Pads

My nephew Steve, who is an independent business analyst, came to spend the week with me here in Wilmington to hang out and to do some consulting at MusicMedic.  After he arrived, he started calling customers to see what they think about our pads.  The overwhelming response he got was that everyone loves our pads.  […]


Choosing a Clarinet

 A Review – The Wilmington Clarinet with Chloe Feoranzo  I’ve spent years looking for the right clarinet and working with the factory to make one to my specifications.  Once our first shipment arrived we all know we had something great. Our next  task was to get the  Wilmington line of clarinets into the hands of some excellent […]


Looking for an Uberhauled Horn?

Does the thought of being without your saxophone for 3-5 weeks, or longer for a cosmetic restoration, make you cringe?  How about the thought of having to keep playing it in its current state of dilapidation?  Don’t worry, because the Sax ProShop is here to help!  We are currently Uberhauling a variety of vintage Buescher, […]