#WednesdayWisdom: Flute History & Open Hole #Flute Care

Ancient Flute found in SW Germany

How old is the Flute?  How about 42,000 years old!  That’s right, according to Encylopedia.com, “The oldest known archaeological remains of any musical instrument are those of flutes carved of bone and ivory that were found in SW Germany and are at least 42,000 years old. ” 

And according to an August 2009 article in the journal Nature, scientists suggested that the discovery of the flute may help to explain “the probable behavioral and cognitive gulf between Neanderthals and early modern humans.”

And what about Open Hole Flutes vs. Closed Hole Flutes?  That’s a debate that has gone on forever.  Most student model flutes, like our Wilmington Flute, are sold with closed holes.  The thought is that beginning students need to get the feel of the instrument first before moving on to an open-holed flute.  Many argue that serious players will eventually upgraded to an open-holed flute because of their control over intonation.    

Open Hole Flutes need some extra help when it comes time to lift bushings.  You do not want to tear or distort the pad underneath.  That’s why we offer this Swiss-made Open Hole Bushing Lifter.  Simply place the blade between the bushing and the pad and gently lift.  It’s fine polished edge is narrow enough for getting under a pad bushing, but not sharp enough to cause any damage to the pad or instrument.