#WednesdayWisdom Live: Making a New Hinge Rod & Lubricating a Saxophone

Here’s a list of MusicMedic products used in this live video

The Ultimax Lubricant System

The Ultimax lubricating system takes the guess work out of lubricating woodwind instruments. a complete system of synthetic lubricants designed to work together, Ultimax lubricants are safe for use on all woodwinds because they will not react with each other or any part of your instrument.

  • Ultimax will not break down or evaporate
  • Ultimax clings to metal surfaces
  • Ultimax is safe for use with all adhesives
  • Ultimax is safe for use around hard rubber
  • Ultimax retains its viscosity from -80° to +300°!

Your Instrument Deserves the Best! Learn more & order today!

Woodwind Screwdriver

As most technicians know, a good screwdriver is hard to find. Having the right size screwdriver for the job makes all the difference. First rate German construction means these screwdrivers are appropriate for daily repair shop use.The shafts are Chrome-Molybdenum-Vanadium steel for exceptional strength and durability. The ergonomic handle and light weight shaft reduce fatigue. Learn more & order today!

Replacement Hinge Rod

This hinge rod stock is what we use in the Sax ProShop.  It’s made from oil hardened 01 tool steel, and available in the most common diameters for woodwind instruments.  Each order is 36” in length, cut in half for shipping unless otherwise requested. Learn more & order today!

Professional Jewelers Saw

Professional wooden handle adjustable jewelers saw. This saw stands apart from other saws on the market in that it has a tension adjuster to bring the blade into a tight adjustment.

Lock the saw blade in place as you would on any jewelers saw then use the tension adjuster to bring pull the blade tight. This feature saves time and blades. Out of stock. Learn more & sign up to be notified when back in stock.

Rod Straightening Pliers

This tool was designed and manufactured at MusicMedic in Wilmington, North Carolina. After years of unpredictable results with hammer handles the frustrated technicians in the ProShop asked that we design a tool for straightening rods that consistently produces a straight rod. Learn more & order today!

MusicMedic Bench Motor

The MusicMedic Bench Motor is designed for straightening hinge rods, holding small parts for slotting, filing, buffing, sanding, wire brushing, drilling and more! Learn more & order today!