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Flute Body Mandrels

Our Economy Flute Body Mandrel is made from precision ground tool steel. It is very hard to provide a long-lasting work-piece. The rounded end and rounded hip will help prevent damage. The workable space is 15”, or the entire length of a flute body, and 3” is allocated for securing in a vice and indicated by a line. Use the mandrel to check for straightness, burnishing, polishing, and dent removal. The threaded hole on the end will hold accessories, like a flute ragging attachment for easy polishing. Ships in blue protective sleeve. Learn more & order today!

Flute Stabilizer

It is a real challenge to polish, or rag, a flute body on a mandrel because the flute slides and spins around. Our repair department created the Flute Stabilizer for use with our whole line of flute body mandrels to hold the flute in place to make it easy to polish and perform other tasks which require the flute to be stationary.

The Flute Stabilizer threads on to the end of the mandrel and can be left in place during most uses of the mandrel. Use the included hex key wrench to tighten the end, which expands a rubber gasket to make steady contact with the inside of the flute body, holding it in place. The gasket will only expand to a certain point, which eliminates the risk of over-expanding and causing damage to the flute. Learn more & order today!

Stainless Flute Head Mandrel

Pro Flute Head Mandrel We’re confident that our precision 100% stainless steel Flute Head Mandrels are the industry’s finest. Tapered to match the head joint, these mandrels can be used for checking straightness, burnishing, dent removal, and for holding while polishing or completing work on the head joint or lip plate. The long taper also allows the mandrel to fit inside the head joint even if there are some dents and damage.

This model is fitted with a hexagonal delrin stopper to prevent the mandrel from being inserted too far and a stainless hexagonal handle that will keep the mandrel from rolling around on the tool bench and can be securely chucked in a vice. If you already have our flute body mandrel, you know the fine quality of this tool. All mandrels come with our protective blue mandrel guards. Economy Flute Head Mandrel This mandrel is the same as the professional model, only without the hexagonal handle and delrin stopper. Technicians can make their own handle or use with our dent rod. Learn more & order today!

Flute Dent Barrels

An accessory that pairs with the 5/8th or 3/4 inch dent rod. You’ll love how fast, safe, and easy it is to remove dents with a barrel shape.  The Stainless Steel Flute Dent Barrel threads onto the end of the dent rod, and the result is a strong radius for removing dents from the inside of the flute by using pressure on the rod and Dent Barrel. On an extremely damaged flute, use the dent barrel to make way for the body mandrel to go through the body.  It also works great for pushing up low spots on tone holes or raising posts that are low or have been pushed in. Learn more & order today!

Saxophone Body Mandrels

The MusicMedic.com Stainless Steel Saxophone Body Mandrels will change the way you do dent work.

These revolutionary mandrel sections were designed by the Sax ProShop team to give you the right taper, no matter which part of the body tube you’re working on. Each mandrel section is tapered to fit snugly in the bore of most saxophones and provide generous working room for removing dents, kinks, raising pushed-in posts and ribs, and mechanically leveling tone holes. Mandrel sizes overlap so there is no spot on the the body you won’t be able to reach. The smallest mandrel for each set is slotted for clearance around the octave pip. Recessed 1/2″-13 threads provide extra strength and accept a 3/4″ dent rod. These polished stainless steel mandrels are designed for a lifetime of use and will not rust.

The Alto Stainless Steel Body Mandrel set contains 3 mandrels, and the Tenor Add-On Set provides you with 2 additional mandrels that work in conjunction with the alto set. Learn more & order today!

5/8″ X 3′ (15.875MM X 91.44CM) DENT ROD

Machined from cold-rolled 12L14 steel, the 5/8″ (15.875mm) dent rod is tough and springy. Designed with a smaller diameter than our 3/4″ (19.05mm) rod to provide extra clearance at the tenon and body octave pip of an alto or tenor saxophone when working through the neck end. Learn more & order today!

3/4″ X 4′ (19.05MM X 121.92CM) DENT ROD

Our 3/4″ x 4′ (19.05mm x 121.92cm) rod provides extra rigidity when working with a fully extended dent tool. Great for use with any of our dent barrels! Each rod is drilled and precision tapped to receive a hardened threaded insert. Learn more & order today!