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Here’s a list of MusicMedic products featured on today’s Facebook Live!

MusicMedic Bench Motor

The MusicMedic Bench Motor will be your repair shop’s next must-have tool. Manufactured in Wilmington, NC USA, this Bench Motor is designed for straightening hinge rods, holding small parts for slotting, filing, buffing, sanding, wire brushing, drilling and more! Learn more & order today!

Flexi-Nova Leak Light

The Flexi-Nova Leak Light is a 10 inch flexible leak light with 15 LED lights on both sides. The lights are encased in a soft shrink tubing which will not mar or damage instruments. It comes with a 3 foot cord powered by USB connection. It also comes with a set of international USB adapters and interchangeable plug styles.

The Flexi-Nova Leak Light System’s flexibility and unique design make it incredibly easy to snake in and out of tone holes. The small size makes it great for using on smaller instruments such as clarinets, flutes and piccolos.

Plus the Flexi-Nova Leak Light System is the perfect solution for a baritone saxophone crook that other leak lights have trouble reaching. Our Flexi-Nova Leak Light System is an economical and handy tool to add to your repair bench. Also available: the 20 inch Flexi-Nova leak light XL version.

Learn more & order today!

Sax Bell Rim Tools

The sax bell tools are designed to reach dents and dings in the very outer edge and flare of the sax bell- allowing burnishing or rolling right up to the rolled edge- a spot that’s really difficult to get with other conventional dent tools.

Made for alto and tenor saxophone bells – each tool has two profiles – a modern bell flare and a longer curve ‘vintage’ bell flair. The mandrel is threaded onto any dent rod with 3/8-16 threading. The mandrel threads into the side of the tool so you can work in front of or behind the the mandrel without the rod getting in the way. Also works for some sizes of small brass like trumpet and cornet bell flares.

Sold in Alto, Tenor and available as a set of two. Learn more & order today!