A Difficult Modification & Simple Repair

How to Remove and Replace Springs & Installing and Expanding Teflon Octave Rocker on a King Super 20

Here’s a list of MusicMedic products featured in this Facebook Live video.

Spring Removing Pliers

Woodwind springs that are broken inside a post can be difficult to remove. Tapping out broken springs with a pointed punch can move the post. With these spring removing pliers, pressure is placed on both sides of the post to reduce the possibility of accidentally moving the post while removing the spring. One jaw is rounded to fit the post while the other jaw has a pointed screw to press the spring through the post. Learn more & order today!

Parallel Spring Removing Pliers

These beautiful pliers are just plain awesome. If you’ve ever had to remove a spring that has broken off inside or flush with the post before, you’re familiar with the risk of moving the post, scratching the post, and generally how challenging it can be to access the broken spring from the desired angle. Learn more & order today!

Stainless Steel Spring Wire

sold in 12 inch lengths each

corrosion resistant

Learn more & order today!

Nickel Plated Needle Springs

Starting with a Blued Steel Spring, we plate each spring with a thick coat of nickel. Nickel plating is very hard, nearly impervious to the elements and aesthetically stunning. Blued Steel springs, the base from which these springs are made, have a number of benefits over other springs available.

The coating of hard nickel on each spring protects the Blued Steel Spring underneath from the elements and reduces or eliminates any problems with rust. Musicians with acidic body oils or living in coastal areas will benefit from the non-corrosive properties of a thick plating of nickel.

Technicians can offer a beautiful, maintenance free spring as an upgrade to any instrument. These nickel springs will replace stainless springs with only a slight difference in appearance and a very noticeable improvement in feel.

There is a definite savings to purchasing the assortment over buying individual springs. Consider the the assortment for ease, value and aesthetics. Learn more & order today!

Knipex Duckbill Pliers

Make room on your bench for what is sure to be your new favorite set of pliers: Knipex Parallel Duck Bill Pliers are modified at MusicMedic to offer the absolute best in quality and design. The body and jaws of the pliers are all of the goodness you expect from Knipex with the thoughtfulness you know MusicMedic will deliver. The parallel jaws are milled to allow them into tight places that regular Knipex pliers can’t go, without sacrificing strength. They grip hard and mar less, with a precision and feel that you must try to believe.  Now make room in a drawer for all of your other duckbill pliers, because this is all you’re ever going to want to use again. Available in Small and Medium. Learn more & order today!

Knipex Diagonal Cutters

If you’re looking for a cutter that will handle spring after spring without wear out you found it. As usual, Knipex has made a tool that is superior quality that will likely work longer than you do. They can cut through the thickest of needle springs with ease and show no wear. Learn more & order today!

Round Nose Pliers

The smooth round jaws on these pliers are excellent for bending thin metal. Round nose pliers are great for bending springs without kinking the wire. The small tip on these pliers reach into tight spaces where other spring bending pliers will not reach. Learn more & order today!

Pad Cup & Tone Hole Pliers

These simple but effective pliers make quick work of repairing or rounding tone holes and pad cups. The unique angle on the front of the plier allows you to get into tight spaces when a pad cup or small tone hole rim is bent down. The flat and round jaws of the plier are buffed smooth to work without marring the pad cup or tone hole of any brass bodied instrument. Learn more & order today!

Spring Hook

High quality double sided steel spring hook with a textured steel grip. Each end of the hook is grooved for pushing needle springs into place and hooked for pulling springs onto cradles. Comes in a handy carrying case.

The Small Tip Double Sided Spring Hook is made to get in between keys and the body on smaller woodwind instruments, including flutes, soprano/sopranino saxes, piccolos, and oboes. Learn more & order today!

Large Spring Bending Pliers

One jaw of these spring pliers is concave and the other is convex. This makes these pliers perfect for bending springs on most woodwind instruments. Simply grip the spring in the smooth and rounded jaws and squeeze the spring. We have found this method of spring bending to be very consistent, resulting in fewer broken woodwind springs. Learn more & order today!

Teborg Swiss Needle File Set

This premium quality needle file set is excellent for doing fine precision work. Cut #2: half moon, flat, flat tapered, 4-sided, 3-sided, and round with a carrying case. We use these files nearly every day for key modification work; a must-have for any shop that is tired of their regular needle files breaking and dulling quickly. Not for use on steel. Learn more & order today!

Wooden Handled Pin Vise

This wooden handled pin vise is excellent for many jobs around the shop. Unlike our plastic handled pin vise, this unit is a solid one piece tool; the handle and the collect move together. This pin vise is ideal for non-drilling tasks. In our shop we use it as a scribe and a handle for gravers. This pin vise is also perfect for holding hooked pad pricks and needle files. Includes two collets. Learn more & order today!

Buffing Compound

Use the MusicMedic.com Grey or Brown Tripoli for fast cut buffing to remove scratches. You can also remove leftover lacquer with these compounds.

Red Rouge is widely used in the band instrument repair industry for color buffing and is available in two sizes.

The MusicMedic.com Blue gives an excellent final polish on silver and brass and is almost as good as the Blue Hubble. Learn more & order today!

Bristle Disks

3M™ Radial Bristle Discs have flexible rubber bristles for cleaning, finishing, and polishing detailed parts or tiny areas. Learn more & order today!

Brass Square Stock

Choosing the correct brass stock for your application can save time and make a job easier. Brass is an alloy of Copper and Zinc. As levels of copper and zinc vary from one brass alloy to another so do the the properties of the brass, including its hardness. The Brass Rod listed here is highly machinable and fairly hard. It is excellent for key modifications, making posts, tool inserts, woodwind key extensions as well as most jobs that involve woodwind keys. Learn more & order today!

Jax Gold Finish

Jax Gold Finish produces a simulated 24K gold finish on any brass surface and is effective for matching gold color. Unlike tinted lacquer, Jax can be applied in layers until the exact shade of gold is matched. Use on key touches, modifications, and any other areas that do not match the instrument’s original gold color. We found this product to be easier to work with than tinted lacquer when matching gold color. Please note Jax will not match the darker hue of a vintage instrument, like a Mark VI, but is excellent for newer instruments.
Use on bare brass free of oil, grease, or lacquer. Learn more & sign up to get notified when back in stock!