#Wednesday Wisdom: The Perfect Gift

Our Woodwind Repair Kits are the perfect gift!

Holiday time can be a challenging when trying to get the perfect gift for a variety of different people in your life. What if there was one gift that would delight and enrich the life of a variety of people? There is! And it comes wrapped in a beautiful wood box- it’s a Repair Kit! Repair Kits come with instructions, tools, and supplies for Flute, Clarinet, or Saxophone and are great gifts for many different people!

The Curious Musician

For this type, the Repair Kit reduces the barrier between the musician and their instrument. This musician wants to understand the inner workings of their instrument so that they don’t have to question their own ability every time they experience a response issue. The Repair Kit opens the door for this person to tinker and test, to reduce the mysteries of how this machine that they use to express themselves functions. The tactile learner will thrive with easy-to-understand instructions and all the basic tools and supplies they need to get started.

The Parent

Every well-meaning parent can feel over their head at times when trying to help their child with something important to them. The parent is the first line of defense, who must evaluate the instrument when their child says it’s not working before it ever goes to a music store. This parent, when armed with the knowledge and the correct tools, can be a hero when a minor problem needs solving. A Repair Kit can also prevent a potentially overzealous parent from, say, grabbing a pipe wrench or a hammer from the garage and going to town. The kit can also help the parent be more educated when talking to the repair tech if the issues with the instrument require further attention.

The Band Instructor/ Lesson Teacher

Anyone who teaches woodwind instruments needs to have a basic knowledge of repair. A student could come with an issue as minor as a spring needing to be put back in a cradle, but if they don’t have some familiarity with repair, they may not feel comfortable trouble-shooting the problem on the spot and the lesson is ruined. A teacher without knowledge of instrument repair has to approach every problem a student has as a playing problem. But a teacher who understands can evaluate the instrument, identify issues, and can keep their students from becoming discouraged.

The Protective Musician

This kind of musician who would never repair their own instrument, but would enjoy knowing that they could if they felt the courage. They can read about the basic workings of the instrument and feel the tools and supplies in their hand, armed with the knowledge. They will gain peace of mind that they know what to do in case of emergency.

The Aspiring Repair Technician

A gift that can fuel a career and a passion. Many techs around the world began their career as a hobby once the first repair kit was sold in 1999. Upon seeing what they could do, these folks went on to apprentice or on to study at repair school. The aspiring technician will feel instant gratification of getting going right now- all they need is the Repair Kit and an instrument. They can then augment their kit with additional tools and supplies, and can augment their education with resources like Saska’s Guide To Repairing Woodwinds.

A Guide To Repairing Woodwinds by Ronald Saska is an excellent resource for woodwind technicians

All of these people can benefit from one gift- one that educates, prepares, and inspires. Concepts come alive when you can practice and work with your hands. These kits have a small quantity of everything someone needs to get started, and additional education and supplies or tools are only a click away. Get the real gift that keeps on giving- give a Repair Kit this holiday season!

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A Guide To Repairing Woodwinds by Ronald Saska

Happy Repairing!