#Wednesday Wisdom: Why is There A Screw in Saxophone Key Adjusting Levers?

Our old Saxophone Key Levers

The blocky steel handles weren’t comfortable to hold, were too heavy, and experienced corrosion, so we designed and manufactured ergonomic lightweight aluminum handles.  

The original lever arms were wider than necessary and prevented the tool from getting into every space necessary, so they were redesigned in a slimmer profile.

Next, we created a smaller Key Adjusting Lever where the narrow jaws are closer together in order to work on keys with a very small amount of hinge tube on one end.  This effectively eliminated the need for a one-armed Key Adjusting Lever. The two tools now work together.

The coolest evolution, however, was the addition of the nylon screw.  In instances where the Key Adjusting Lever might come in contact with the spine and mar it, you can simply adjust the nylon screw in order to have that contact the spine, effectively pushing the lever away from the key.  

Evolving tools result in more precise, faster, and neater work for all of us. Let us know what you think about these new key bending levers! We are always growing and improving with your help.

Happy Repairing!