The Wilmington Alto Update

Thank you for all your interest in the Wilmington Alto! We’ve called and spoken personally with many of the owners of Wilmington Altos, and have appreciated and taken to heart their valuable comments.  From the beginning, we have kept production small to easily implement improvements at the factory several times a year. We also don’t reserve instruments, because we don’t want to make any promises or feel pressure: if we get a batch and they’re not perfect, we won’t sell them.


fbwilmingtonHowever, we’ve been really satisfied with the work the factory is doing.  We’re received our latest shipped a couple of weeks ago and they are as awesome as the rest, with great play-ability, tone, and intonation. Now, we’ll be placing a larger order with the manufacturer.  This will allow us to provide the Wilmington Alto to instrument dealers and distributors.  


Curt is heading to China in October for 3 weeks for the sole purpose of checking on the next larger order, and making some progress on the rest of the Wilmington line.  We’ve been working on tenor and baritone models for quite some time, and they’re moving along in the prototype stage.  We are excited to unveil them both in 2018!


As with the Wilmington Alto and Clarinets, all instruments will be carefully inspected and set-up at the Sax ProShop by specialized technicians.  We’re so excited that the Wilmington family is growing and we can’t wait for you to experience the culmination of years of work to produce truly excellent value priced instruments designed by musicians.