The MusicMedic Philosophy

IMG_8908Have you noticed how many great new tools are being made at MusicMedic in Wilmington, North Carolina?  At MusicMedic, it is of the utmost importance to be surrounded by independent and thoughtful people.  We want everybody to have a great time with what they’re doing, with resources available to inspire creativity and problem solving.

When we hired Rick, he was well-versed at taking chunks of titanium and turning them into sharp ultra-high-end tools and knives.  His daily life was making parts at tolerances that the band instrument repair industry can barely fathom.  He is so high tech that we can’t even tell you exactly what he used to do. We can say that his parts have been used on space missions, black hawk helicopters, and even on the Hadron Collider, a 17-mile-long energy particle accelerator that smashes atoms together to search for dark matter. Yeah, he’s that good. 

IMG_8918Why are we telling you this? We think you should know that when you hold a tool from MusicMedic, you’re holding a tool that was designed, built, tested, and improved by the folks at MusicMedic. Further, everyone at MusicMedic, by virtue of our philosophy, has the power and courage to do what they do best. We’re not a job title: we’re independent thinkers and team workers, we all have input, and we all work together because you deserve the best that we all, together, can offer.

Jeff’s the engineering genius who works directly with suppliers, shops, and customers, Curt’s wild ideas and years of pushing the limits of the band repair industry propel the business forward, and of course Rick who is not only a machinist, but a tool maker and designer of epic proportions. 

This collaborative effort is the driving force behind what we proudly do at MusicMedic.