The Results Are In! A Wilmington Alto Review

Untitled-3The results are in, and the response and feedback we’ve received about the Wilmington altos has been 100% positive.  Of course, our mode of operation is that of continuous improvement and we’ve already got some ideas about some small changes we’ll have the factory make on the next batch, but we’re thrilled to have set a high standard and benchmark for the Wilmington series.
We just heard from Bob Faub, who is a fantastic saxophonist, dedicated instructor, friend of the Sax ProShop, and all around great guy.  You may be familiar with Bob’s playing in the Red Clay Saxophone Quartet and the New Century Quartet, or you may know his work as an educator as Instructor of Saxophone and Composition at High Point University in Greensboro, NC, and Director of Instrumental Music at Caldwell Academy. Bob had some really nice things to say about The Wilmington alto and kindly gave us permission to share.  Thanks so much, Bob!  We hope to see you soon!


I thought you’d like to see what a happy 8th grader with a new Wilmington alto looks like. This is my student Jessica Shafer who’s grandparents (Wilmington natives) just delivered her new saxophone to her this afternoon. She is completely over the moon with excitement. I had a lesson with her this afternoon and got to play it myself and can say that I am completely blown away – but not surprised – by the quality of the tone, response and intonation.
Well done everyone. I hope you sell a ton of them.
Thanks again for all you did to produce this excellent horn. I will be recommending it to other students. See you soon, I hope, for a COA.
Bob Faub