Technician Spotlight: J. Scott Mandeville

scottThis week, we’re thrilled to highlight the work of a fantastic technician and businessman, Scott Mandeville.  Scott chose to use our pads many years ago when they were more expensive than our competitors because of the quality, as he refused to offer his customers pads that he couldn’t stand behind.  As other pad brands got more expensive, our pad prices stayed the same because we moved production in-house and converted to a lean manufacturing system, and we’re thrilled to have built a long-standing relationship with technicians like Scott, who are the reason we strive to constantly improve.

A thoughtful and successful businessman, Scott has grown his business to include nearly a dozen technicians and a beautiful new facility.  Tim’s Music is reaching greater and greater heights, and the old location just wasn’t large enough to house Scott’s goals and future.

I have gone to Scott many times over the years to ask him for advice because he inspires me with his work ethic, business acumen, caring nature, and ambition.


logoRead on to find out more about Scott Mandeville and his work at Tim’s Music!

Where do you work and how long have you worked there?

“I have been repairing instruments for about 35 years.  I work at Tim’s Music in Carmichael CA for the past 12 years.”

What do you specialize in?

“My shop is recognized for our custom fabrication work in brass instruments (main Tuning slide triggers and the like) and our high-end repair and restoration work on woodwinds.”

What do you want the world to know about your work?

“We are lucky enough to work in an industry that we get to positively influence each life that we touch through our work.”

Which MusicMedic pads do you use and why?

“We switched to MusicMedic pads a number of years ago.  I first changed due to supply issues, but found the consistency of product to be a great advantage for us.  We use the standard tan kid plastic dome sax pads for the bulk of our production work.  We also use the Chocolate Roo pads and the Choco Roo Extreme pads to customize our clients experience.  The Roo Clarinet pads are great, and have added a new dimension to clarinet repair.   I also had MusicMedic custom fabricate pads for a Selmer Padless sax rebuild.  Great work.”