A Special Thanks to Rick and the Detroit Saxophone Center!

We get a lot of great comments and feedback from technicians to help us improve, and we love it because we’re always open to new ways to improve.  When Jeff and I went to Detroit earlier this year, we visited the Detroit Saxophone Center at the Detroit Wayne Music Studio and talked at length with our friend Rick Pioch.
As we like to do with our customers, we asked Rick how can we improve what we do to help him improve what he does.  He had a bunch of great ideas that we’re considering, but there were two in particular that I want to share with you.
techcorkOne idea was that the sticker labels on the tech cork are difficult to remove, and as tech cork is expensive and technicians want to save their customers money, naturally you want to use every last bit of every sheet.  He asked us to change the sticker and we listened!  We decided to switch to stamps, and as you get your tech cork orders, you’re going to start seeing the stamps instead of stickers.  When you get to use that last bit of the tech cork sheet without wrestling with the sticker label, enjoy it thanks to Rick!
bulk-corkNext, Rick had determined that if the natural cork sheets came in 12” sizes rather than 6”, he could get extra neck corks with fewer scraps.  We looked into it with our supplier, but as we suspected, the 12” sheet is very expensive because the cork is difficult to get from the tree in consistent high quality in that size.  In fact, the 12” size is a remnant from back in the days when shoe soles were made from it.  We did the math and determined that it wouldn’t save our customers any money.  But, it did get us thinking, and we decided to add bulk options to our pre-cut neck corks.  Now technicians can buy those in multiples of 10, 50, or 100 and benefit from some great bulk discounts.  You can thank Rick for that, too!
Check out the video tour that I did of the Detroit Saxophone Center back in March, when I was struggling with a winter time cold! Thanks, so much Rick for your input and helping us continually improve!
If you have a great idea, let us know! questions@musicmedic.com