MusicMedic Wins Best In Show at NAMM 2020!

L to R: Instrumental Music’sLeslie Faltlin, MusicMedic’s Curt Altarac, and Instrumental Music’s Michael Faltlin



The Wilmington Alto Sax highlighted during awards ceremony

January 28, 2020 – Wilmington, North Carolina – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – MusicMedic, your online resource for woodwind repair tools and supplies, was named Best In Show at The 2020 NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA.  MusicMedic was awarded Best in Show Company to Watch by Michael & Leslie Faltin of Instrumental Music during the awards ceremony on Sunday morning, January 19.

During the morning presentation Leslie Faltlin spoke about the Wilmington Alto and said, “To have an instrument being designed from a performance, repair perspective rather than a money or connections perspective is really innovative.”

The Wilmington Alto, made of solid nickel, was featured in MusicMedic’s booth during all four days of the show along with the Wilmington Clarinet, Flute, Bass Clarinet as well as MusicMedic’s best-selling repair tools, supplies and pad samples.

At the ceremony, Michael Faltin spoke about his appreciation of MusicMedic owner/founder Curt Altarac.  He spoke of his humble beginnings and graciously compared him to a few music industry legends including Leo Fender, Ernie Ball and Vincent Bach.  He said, “He started out making a repair kit that he could sell to people. Then he started producing his own line of pads which are considered the best pads you could buy right now… and his tools are some of the finest tools that every existed.”

At the ceremony, Michael Faltin spoke about his appreciation of MusicMedic owner/founder Curt Altarac.

MusicMedic owner/founder Curt Altarac says,  “It’s an incredible feeling to be recognized for the time and effort that have gone into every aspect of MusicMedic.  Seeing The Wilmington line of saxophones shown off on stage during the award ceremony was a special moment for me, and being recognized as an innovator and for bringing more design and manufacture back to the US let me know that other people find that as important as I do.”

The NAMM Best in Show awards are determined by the retail community during the four day show located in Anaheim, CA.  Held the final morning of The 2020 NAMM Show, “Best in Show” featured gear carefully curated by industry experts. The session, moderated by Frank Alkyer, publisher of Music Inc. and UpBeat Daily magazines, spotlighted products, services and technologies that are likely to be a big deal and drive the industry in the year ahead.

The 2020 NAMM Show featured over 2,000 exhibitors representing 7,000 brands with 115,888 visitors attending the four day event. The NAMM Show is Anaheim Convention Center’s largest event and had a projected economic impact of  $178.6 million on parts of Orange County and Los Angeles County this year. 

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