WednesdayWisdom: Protecting Your Finish When Adjusting Key Corks

For those of you who have made the switch to TechCork, you know the long lasting benefits of keeping your instrument in adjustment because the cork doesn’t compress over time.  However, you also know that it requires a little more gusto to sand and shape the cork.

We like to use 180 grit sandpaper in the Sax ProShop.  This sandpaper has so much grit that even the back of the sandpaper is gritty, which when used without protection, can scratch the finish of your instrument.

Fortunately, there are 2 quick and easy fixes! 

  1. Apply pieces of packing tape to the back of the sheet of sandpaper, cut into strips, and use without worry!  
  2. Apply contact cement to the back of the sandpaper and the underside of a piece of ultra-suede. Let dry, stick together, and cut into strips.

Slide the strip of sandpaper face up under the key foot cork that needs to be shaped, pull the strip toward you, and repeat until you have achieved the desired key height.

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