The Wilmington Conn 12.5M Neck: A Review by Andrew Hadro

When we made our Conn 12.5M neck, we wanted to share it with some of the best Baritone Saxophone players. Andrew Hadro, the curator of, is one of those players and we sent him a neck to try out.

Andrew Hadro is a professional musician, composer, and bandleader in Brooklyn, New York. Recently, Hadro has been presenting compositions by current living composers through his ongoing project “For Us, The Living,” An effort to honor tradition through innovation. Hadro has performed and recorded two albums for this series, with the most recent released in April 2018. In addition to working as a performer, Andrew Hadro is a product specialist for Vandoren, advising fellow musicians on equipment including reeds and mouthpieces.

He wrote a wonderful comprehensive review (For the full article Click HERE) Below is a sound comparison video of the Wilmington 12.5M neck and Andrew’s original Conn 12M neck. If you haven’t been over to, do it now! It’s a great resource for all things Bari.