The Sax ProShop is Going on the Road Again!

sax-symposium-sidebarCurt, Ryan, and Sara have been very busy prepping and packing because that Sax ProShop is ready to take the show on the road for the first time in 2018!  First stop in Fairfax, VA tomorrow for the 40th International Saxophone Symposium at George Mason University.  As always, this is one of the go-to events for players, enthusiasts, and techs, with a full weekend of outstanding performers and clinics Jan 12 & 13.

The Sax ProShop will be presenting a new clinic called Dream Machine.  They’ll dive into how modern repair philosophies paired with cutting-edge technology can improve response, technique, tone, posture, timbre, hand-position, functionality, and aesthetic.  Learn about many of the possible modifications and improvements that can be done and how you can design your own personal dream machine.

The gang will have the whole shop set up for minor repairs and free quotes.  The full line of Wilmington instruments will be there for playtesting and peruse- check out what affordable yet high-quality instruments can sound and feel like!  They’ll have the flagship alto sax, in addition to the clarinet and flute, and maybe if you are super lucky, you’ll catch a glimpse of the bass clarinet prototype.

All existing Sax ProShop customers should be extra sure to come by the booth for a fabulous free gift!  Make all your friends jealous that you have excellent taste, a beautifully functioning saxophone, and exclusive swag.

napThen the Sax ProShop is heading down the road to Fredericksburg, VA to KBI Music Shoppe thanks to the host, Dan King on Sunday, Jan 14.  Curt, Sara, and Ryan will be presenting a full day clinic, Demystifying Repair Issues On Baritone and Bass Saxophones, along with string whiz Lee Hirschmann of The Band Shoppe.  How low can they go?  All the way down to the nitty-gritty side of baritone and bass saxophone and string bass.

Unlike many regional clinics, you don’t have to be a NAPBIRT member to attend this event.  Interested in string bass and big saxophones?  Intrigued by the world of repair?  Just sign up on the website: Click Here!