Pad Assortments…Why are they so Wonderful?

padassortment_2_1_3Do you know why pad assortments are so wonderful?

Our brilliant leader, Jeff Massa, decided to add pad assortments after our friend and customer Lee Hirschmann at The Band Shoppe made the recommendation.  It’s a big decision for a band instrument repair shop to switch their brand of pads and the pads assortments make it much easier. After spending some time getting feedback from several shops, Jeff got to work.  He went through all the pad sales from the past 5 years and cherry picked the most commonly purchased pads for the assortments and cross referenced our pad set information.  Jeff created pad assortments available in 250, 500, and 1,000-piece sets for saxophone, including RooPads! So, you can be confident that every pad assortment has more of the pads you will need and less of the ones you don’t. Isn’t that wonderful?

Why start with a pad assortment?

With the pad assortments, you can start incorporating MusicMedic pads into your shop easily.  With re-pads and overhauls, use all MusicMedic pads.  When you get an instrument in for playing condition work and the pads are a different color, you can use that opportunity to burn up your old stock of those other pads. As the old stock diminishes, you can start filling the bins with MusicMedic pads which have free shipping and no backorders.  If you ask me, that’s sweet!  Thanks Jeff!

PS, did you know that MusicMedic pads are made right here in Wilmington NC, USA?