MusicMedic is going to NAPBIRT 2019 in Atlanta!

Welcome from Rich

Hey Guys! 

No doubt you’ve noticed the company wide transformation at MusicMedic! We’ve improved, our tools, pads, service, consistency, quality, and did I mention NO back orders?? Oh Yeah! We have more types of pads than ever before, better pads than ever before, and make the most consistent custom pads available anywhere!

When we switched to making our pads in house, Curt traveled to Italy and all over Europe to work with our leather and felt manufacturers to improve the consistency and tolerances of those materials. At the booth come see the results of all that R&D, and ask me about what he really did!

I’d love to talk to you about what we’ve done, how we have improved, how you can transition from your current pad stock to our line of pads, how you can save money, and increase your shop’s margins. Let us be part of the quality you offer to your customers and we’ll help you get what you need, when you need it. If you haven’t tried MusicMedic pads in a while, ask your friends who are using them about why they use MusicMedic pads! Or ask me how much you can get when you switch! See you there!!!

NAPBIRT 2019 in Atlanta Georgia!

Everyone here at MusicMedic is gearing up for the 2019 NAPBIRT convention in Atlanta, GA. Since it’s nearby, we’ll be loading up a truck with tons of our heaviest tools that we can bring because we’re not flying! Maybe you’ve already noticed the paradigm shift at MusicMedic, but several years ago we decided we should make more of the tools we sell, and that we should be shifting our focus to lifetime quality tools. That’s why we set up a machine shop in our facility in Wilmington, NC, led by our wonderful machinist Rick, who makes nearly every tool from Stainless Steel. Amongst the perennial favorites, we’ll be bringing a lot of new designs and recently redesigned tools with us, like our (World’s Best) Spring Removing Pliers, Post Fitting Pliers, the Buescher Pad Hole Punch, Spring Inserting Pliers, Flute Pad Grommet Tool, and the Red Wing Mouthpiece Taper Tool Set. We’re stoked for you to check these out and give us feedback. Also at the booth will be our Wilmington line of instruments featuring flute, clarinet, and saxophone.

This conference, we’re excited to introduce the First Annual MusicMedic Easter Egg Hunt! The time and location is not yet disclosed and you must be in attendance at Sundays clinics to find out. Our easter bunny is going to hop around and hide awesome tools, prizes, drink coupons, and there may even be a few golden tickets.

Curt, Ryan, Jeff, and Rich will all be there from Thurs to Tues. We’re doing things differently this year, and shifting our focus to everyone being available at the booth for questions, such as:

Can I use the Wilmington line of instruments as my rental fleet?
What makes the Wilmington line of instruments better?
Why are almost all of your tools made out of stainless steel?

So get on over to our booth and talk to the people that make the pads, who design the custom tools, who design and set-up the instruments, and who always strive to improve. Let’s talk about why this is the future of instrument repair!

New Tools to see at

Woodwind Felt Assortment – An assortment of disks, bumpers and materials in all the popular colors. Learn More


Red Wing Mouthpiece Taper Tool Set – Checkout this cool new tool from Red Wing Instrument Repair School. Straighten and manipulate brass instrument mouthpiece receivers without damage or distortion. – Learn More


Feeler Gauge Assortment – Upgrade your padding work! Included are 2 Delrin handles with O-rings and four thicknesses of feeler material: Silver: 0.0005″, Amber 0.001″, Red 0.002”, Green 0.003”- Know how big the gap is before you shim.-Learn More


Parallel Spring Inserting Pliers – These feature stainless steel jaws with smooth edges that will not mar post when installing springs or pushing out spring stubs .Learn More


Large Post Fitting Pliers – A specialized tool for reducing the center hole of a woodwind post to remove play between the post and rod that travels through it. Fitting posts with these pliers takes seconds and the resulting job is invisible and long-lasting. Great for final fitting of rods and posts for quiet key action-Learn More


Parallel Spring Removing Pliers – If you’ve ever had to remove a spring that has broken off inside or flush with the post before, you’re familiar with the risk of moving the post, scratching the post, and generally how challenging it can be to access the broken spring from the desired angle.Learn More


Open Hole Flute Tool – This compact 2-in-1 tool will streamline your open hole flute padding.  It tackles two common problems that occur during the padding process: bushings (or grommets) getting spread (or pad cup chimneys getting crushed) and a tool to consistently set grommet height. Learn More


New Friends at TMEA…

We had an excellent time showcasing our tools, supplies and the Wilmington Instruments at TMEA! We met many new teachers who are interested in instrument repair and many many players who had great feedback about our Wilmington instruments! Thanks to everyone who bought tools and instruments at the show we love traveling light on the way home!
Special thanks to Wes Rice and Chris Bowmaster of Rice Clarinet Works ( for showing us around town, we had a great time hanging with them and eating too many tacos!


Spend 3 days at with a group of your peers studying engraving with Ryan Walker. In this class setting, you will learn and practice several hand engraving techniques on a predetermined design. This course will include an overview of engraving techniques, a history of engraving and engravers, graver types, tool making/modifying, graver sharpening, workpiece holding, patterns, and pattern transfers. Participants will leave this immersive clinic with the basic knowledge and understanding of the art of hand engraving.No experience necessary, but this course would be best suited for those with an eye for detail and skill at drawing. Come take a break from your normal week and be outrageous!

Check out the details here: 3 Day Engraving Class at the Sax Proshop


The saxophone neck is the most influential and important part of the instrument regarding intonation and tone.

At the MusicMedic Sax ProShop, we spent many years modifying necks for players around the world to improve tone and intonation on their instruments, before we designed and set up a neck manufacturing facility. We have also developed techniques for manufacturing necks which give incredibly accurate and consistent results. You will learn the concepts necessary to make and evaluate necks as well as adjust intonation using the neck. In this tell-all course, participants will have a never before offered chance to dive into neck making from sheet brass all the way to play-testing. Throughout the entire process, we will spare no details and keep no secrets. Due to the intensity and the intimate hands-on nature of making necks, class space is incredibly limited.

Check out the details here: Making Necks at the Sax ProShop