MusicMedic Pads

My nephew Steve, who is an independent business analyst, came to spend the week with me here in Wilmington to hang out and to do some consulting at MusicMedic.  After he arrived, he started calling customers to see what they think about our pads.  The overwhelming response he got was that everyone loves our pads.  They love the leather, love that they are made in the USA, they know that RooPads don’t stick and that our standard tan saxophone pads are the least sticky in the industry.  Our customers also love the quality and consistency of our clarinet and flute pads, and especially love that we no longer have back-orders, and of course, the free shipping.

The surprising thing he found out is that a lot of techs are only using our pads for professional horns and not student horns, stating price as the reason.  We base our pad prices solely on our own manufacturing costs, and not what our competitors sell their pads for.

In fact, we had no idea what our competitor’s pad prices are, so Steve decided to find out.  We were very surprised to learn that our pads are less expensive than all our competitors, even at the pricing level of single pads.

With custom premium Italian leather, the finest felt on the planet, made in America right in our own factory, free shipping, how is it possible that our pads are cheaper?

Untitled-1There are many reasons, including that we don’t have to account for the fluctuation in the Euro, there is no import tax, we don’t have to pay a distributor, and the pads ship directly from our factory to the customer.

If you’re not using our pads for all your professional and student work, then you’re not getting the best value from your hard-earned money.

We also make custom sizes and thicknesses of pads, just ask us! Call or write to receive a pad sample so you can see for yourself what makes our pads so great!