A Visit from Michael Hernandez and one Outrageous Saxophone

shapeimage_3My job gives me the honor of working with so many great musicians from all around the world. This last week we were fortunate to work with my old friend and all around cool dude, now turned famous saxophonist, Michael Hernandez. Mike came in to pick up his soprano and spent 3 days in the shop with us. Mikes curved Buescher Soprano is now one of the most blinged out Buescher soprano saxophones on the planet! (Yes Jake, you have the other one:) Mike’s horn is the first to have the full Ryanite treatment- all beautiful matching rollers, pearls, and key risers, in addition to tons of other modifications. So many mods, we made a short video about it here: https://youtu.be/cGcgQBlkuVA


Mike has been my friend since college at Fredonia, and we’ve been to Rascher camps, workshops in Louisville, and I even had the pleasure of playing in a workshop quartet with him. Mike and the Mana Quartet are some of the original RooPad Endorsing Artists. His level of talent and musicianship is remarkable, see for yourself!



Check out Mike’s website, http://www.michaelhernandezsax.com, to  read his bio and learn more. Then check out Mana Quartet to watch videos and order their new CD, Vide Supra, at http://themanaquartet.com . In fact, I’m listening to and enjoying the new album as I write this blog.


Mike, we had a blast having you in the shop and look forward to seeing you in a year for your COA if not before!