How Do I Ship My Saxophone?

Shipping Your Saxophone to

We can send you a Shipping Kit that has everything prepared that you’ll need to get your instrument to the Sax ProShop safely, including the boxes, pre-measured materials, tape, instructions, and a return shipping label.

Or, you can acquire the following items and carefully pack the instrument.

You’ll Need:

  • Boxes
    • Soprano and alto: 28x16x10 and 26x13x8
    • Tenor: 36x14x10 and 40x18x14 (or tape two 16x16x20 together to form one large outer box)
    • Baritone: two 16x16x20 and two 26x18x18
  • Packing peanuts
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Paperwork
  • Return shipping label
  • Insurance receipt (must be signed by brown-shirt UPS employee)
  • Instructions
  • Uberhaul Questionnaire


no case

You will be shipping your saxophone without its case. Saxophone cases aren’t designed to protect your instrument from the forces it may endure during shipping, and your saxophone is safer without it. All you need to send are the saxophone and its neck. If you would like to include your mouthpiece so we may playtest your saxophone with the mouthpiece you will be using, please wrap it in the same manner as the neck and include it in the inside box.

4-15-11 058

1. Tape the bottom sides of both boxes.

4-15-11 059

2. Using the bubble-wrap, wrap the saxophone body end-to-end and then spiral around the instrument. UPS recommends wrapping your saxophone in nine layers of small bubble bubblewrap (or 3 layers of large bubble wrap).

4-15-11 063

3. Using packing tape, secure the bubble-wrap bundle so it cannot come unwound or shift off the sax. Pay special attention to the ends of the instrument.

4-15-11 046

4. Now wrap and tape the saxophone neck(s) in the same manner as the body.

4-15-11 042

5. Take the smaller box and pour approx. 1 inch of packing peanuts into the bottom.

4-15-11 043

6. Put your saxophone and neck into this box and fill the remaining space with peanuts making sure to center the instrument within the box as best you can.

4-15-11 050

7. Tape the inner box closed.

8. Take the larger box and pour approx. 1 inch of packing peanuts into the bottom.

4-15-11 053

9. Put the smaller box inside the larger box making sure the spacing between them is even.

4-15-11 049

10. Fill the space between the boxes with packing peanuts. Push peanuts down the sides and gently shake/tap the box until all the space between the boxes is filled with peanuts.

4-15-11 055

11. Triple-tape both sides of the outer box.

12. Peel and stick the shipping label anywhere on the outside of the box, or have this done by your shipping representative. Your instrument will be shipped to:
Sax ProShop
901 Martin St Suite B
Wilmington, NC 28401

13. Take the package to your local UPS customer center or hand to any UPS driver. If UPS is not located near where you live, send the instrument through a trusted shipping provider.

14. Make certain to ensure your instrument for the replacement value, or for at least $1500.

15. If shipping through UPS, the instrument must be signed for by a person directly employed by UPS. This form cannot be signed by someone at a UPS store, Mailboxes etc., or any other shipping outlet. As a general rule, if the person is wearing a brown shirt, they can sign for the package. If you don’t have a regular UPS pickup at your workplace, it will be best to take the package to the customer center located at the nearest UPS depot. Use the address below to locate it:

UPS Shipping Center Locator

Email your shipping information and tracking number to