Install New Pearls and Rollers

Ryanite Rollers


There has never been a more beautiful substance on earth than these rollers, which were formed from the rare element Ryanite. When Ryan landed here as a child, he was arrived from space in a vessel made from Ryanite.  This vessel, which has just been sitting in a storage unit ever since, was made from a rainbow of striking colors.  We have begun harvesting this Ryanite and making it into palm key risers and now rollers!

Once installed, these rollers have been known to make horns better, speak more freely, and play zero cents flat. They make you more attractive.  They’ve been known to get players more gigs.  In fact, some players have reported an improvement in their altisimmo range, desired weight loss, and have found that they are more appealing to adoring fans and suitors, directly leading to a happier life. And of course, Ryanite Rollers allow smooth passage for your finger as it slides from key to key.

Available in Fire, Envy, Blue, NY Blue, and Sweet Georgia, but please inquire and we’ll harvest more colors from the Ryanite rainbow vessel.  Because they are made-to-order, they can be made for any instrument.  Custom shaped thumb buttons and oval shaped G# and alt F# pearls are available by request.




bis pearlNew mother-of-pearl or deep water abalone pearls on your horn are not just an aesthetic improvement. Older pearls wear away over time and develop divots, uneven surfaces, and sharp edges. Convex pearls installed in Bis Bb, Front F, Alt F# and G# trill facilitate speed and add comfort. An Uberhaul is the perfect time to replace pearls, change pearl location, and build up pearls (such as the Bis Bb) that are difficult to reach.

Replacing old rollers, or fitting current rollers with Teflon tips eliminates rattles and buzzing associated with sloppy rollers in addition to making rolling back and forth more effortless.