MusicMedic Pads

My nephew Steve, who is an independent business analyst, came to spend the week with me here in Wilmington to hang out and to do some consulting at MusicMedic.  After he arrived, he started calling customers to see what they think about our pads.  The overwhelming response he got was that everyone loves our pads.  […]


Choosing a Clarinet

 A Review – The Wilmington Clarinet with Chloe Feoranzo  I’ve spent years looking for the right clarinet and working with the factory to make one to my specifications.  Once our first shipment arrived we all know we had something great. Our next task was to get the  Wilmington line of clarinets into the hands of some excellent […]


Looking for an Uberhauled Horn?

Does the thought of being without your saxophone for 3-5 weeks, or longer for a cosmetic restoration, make you cringe?  How about the thought of having to keep playing it in its current state of dilapidation?  Don’t worry, because the Sax ProShop is here to help!  We are currently Uberhauling a variety of vintage Buescher, […]


Back From New York

I went to New York City over the weekend and had an awesome time. I met up with an absolute monster Bari player, Gary Smulyan and great technician, John Leadbetter. Gary is my Jazz Bari hero and graciously agreed to give feedback on our 12.5M Wilmington necks.  It seems rude to introduce Gary because he’s […]


A New York Visit

I’m dashing off to New York and am looking forward to some cool things! I’m visiting my friend Guy at Chadash Clarinets on Monday morning.  I met Guy at a clarinet fest, maybe around a hundred years ago, and I was mesmerized first by his wonderful accent and then by his amazing knowledge of all […]


‘The Martin’ Experience

Martin is a very thoughtful and caring person, as well as a technician, and I’ve been proud to watch his progress over the years as his saxophone repair and restoration business has grown and flourished. Additionally, Martin is an accomplished saxophonist, performing with the US Army Band “Pershing’s Own” for over twenty years.  Martin received […]


EXTREME Update Version 1.3

We are always looking for ways make great things even better.  This always involves putting our products through rigorous testing and real life use.  When it came to testing MusicMedic EXTREME pads, there was no one more qualified than Wilmington, NC’s own Benny Hill.  Benny is a seriously awesome working musician who practices and gigs constantly. […]


Bench Notes October 2016

Look out Shanghai, Here we come! As many of you may know, I have taken a year-long hiatus from trade shows and travel, allowing myself to spend more time in the Sax ProShop designing a new saxophone. But, before this decision was made, I had already committed to the Trade Show in China. I’m making good […]


Uberhaul Mini-Series

Our policy at has always been to be open and share information with technicians and players. We place a great deal of importance on education, and I’m personally very excited to share our methods in the Sax ProShop with our readers. As you may know, the Sax ProShop is the world’s only assembly-line style professional saxophone […]


Clarinets from Sax ProShop?

Considering our big focus on saxophones, this may come as a surprise but we’re knee deep in clarinets! We’ve spent the past few years working on clarinets and the results are amazing. Back when I went on a trip to China with friend, educator, and technician Lucas Pemberton, we visited a number of clarinet factories. […]

Enjoy the Show

Dear NFA, It’s the first time in many many years that hasn’t attended NFA, and it’s because we’re taking a sabbatical from trade shows in order to design and make our own saxophone right at our shop in Wilmington, NC. But don’t think we’ve forgotten you! We’re going to miss all of our friends, […]

Curt is Taking A Sabbatical

When I started in 1999 in my Onancock living room, I thought about how cool it would be to someday make a saxophone. I knew that goal was lofty and I would need a serious amount of tools, money, experience, and the skills to do it. It wasn’t something I could immediately pursue. At […]

East Meets West

Jeff and I just got back from a life changing trip to China and Taiwan. We visited over 15 factories while we toured the Chinese countryside. We noticed a lot of interesting differences between the Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturing styles.  Our discussions on how these approaches compare to what we know of the French and Japanese styles were difficult to resist when we had time to kill […]

ProShop Necks

One of the Sax ProShop’s on-going goals is to be able to make great necks for saxophones of any make, model, and size. Our preliminary offering is for the Conn 12M baritone, and we got a note the other day from one of our recent customers. It’s letters like this that make it worth […]